Fine Art

I am a contemporary landscape artist working from my studio in Upper Farringdon, Hampshire. I love working in water colour and pen and ink where I enjoy capturing the detail of my local landscape, using a fresh palette and plenty of expressive pen and ink mark making.

When working in acrylics, I allow myself greater freedom of expression and my brushstrokes become more fluid and intuitive, creating a less detailed interpretation of the landscape. I enjoy working in a relatively limited palette, combining instinctive mark making using charcoal, oil pastels and ink with the use of all manner of unconventional tools to apply paint from credit cards and straws to more traditional brushes.

Having been brought up in Scotland, the Highlands and West Coast provide enduring inspiration for my work, as well as the stunning landscape around my home in Hampshire.

Whilst I am largely self-taught, I was lucky to receive incredible art teaching whilst at school.  At that time, I did not feel ready to pursue a fine art career and instead opted for a degree in the History of Modern Art, Design and Film from the University of Northumbria. 

However, art in the broadest sense, has remained my enduring passion throughout my life and I have attended various courses from such establishments as West Dean College of Art and St Ives School of Painting to further my skills.  Moving to the beautiful Hampshire countryside, provided me with the space mentally and physically, to indulge more purposefully and with greater commitment to my painting.

I undertake commissions, painting or drawing my clients’ homes or views of the landscape that they hold precious. If you would like to discuss a commission or to enquire about exhibitions and / or prices for existing works, please contact me on 07795 421 375 or

To view my most recent works, please take a look on my Instagram